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What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials:

“Our go-to program”

“The best way to approach sport is to do what is right for a child at their particular developmental ago. SportsHub is our “go to” program for all things coaching and a huge asset in our sporting development program.”

Rob Buck

Sports Director, Pinehurst Primary

“Dynamic, Caring & Child Friendly”

“Llandudno Primary has employed Sports Hub for the last 2 years and has found their program well planned and skills specific. Their program caters for maximum engagement, has a very favourable ratio of coach to pupils and includes coaches who are dynamic, caring and child friendly.”

Denise Erasmus

Principal, Llandudno Primary

“Highlight of their Week”

My kids can’t wait to attend their Sports Hub sessions, it is the highlight of their week. As a parent it’s important to me that my children become competent in sport and their systematic approach to age and stage development guarantees this. They are great value for money!”

Ilka Bezuidenhout

Sports Hub Mom

Sports Incubator



Sports Hub is revolutionizing coaching in South Africa through our specialized sports coaching program that functions as a “Sports Incubator” for Foundation Phase students (ages 3– 9years)

Canadian Sport 4 Life Plan

This program provides clear data to support the different stages of development. Sports Hub is challenging the coaching world through our deliberate emphasis on the implementation of the program.

FUNdamental Stage

Sports Hub focuses on the Fundamental stage of Sporting Development, which takes place between the ages of 3-9 years old, where players are exposed to the fundamentals of the various sports.

5 Progressive Programs

Sports Hub program is age and stage specific. Each program has clearly defined term and lesson specific outcomes to continuously move closer to our goal of developing confident, competent sports players.

Six School Sporting Disciplines

We coach six popular South African school sporting disciplines: Tag Ruby, Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Cricket and Tennis.

What makes us Different

Coaching Code


Qualified coaches


Child-centered teaching but sport specific coaching (LTPD)


Maximum of 10.1 student to coach ratio


School sports as a base for skill development


Results orientated coaching with the aim to develop each student


Age appropriate and stage specific coaching program


Age specific sports equipment

We believe that high performance is built upon, and must co-exist with, recreation and participation. We see a continuum of stages of human and athletic development, not a division between “the best” and “the rest”. 

Sports for Life - Philosophy

Everybody wins!

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