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Welcome Parents, we’re excited that you’re here!

The single most important gift you can give your young child is to unlock their physical competence and ability to learn though play.

We encourage you to do this challenge with your children and not just tell them what to do. Let your kids show you what to do and do it with them!

How does it work?

MySportsHub-Pro will provide you with a set of tools that will guide you through the various early life physical development stages ensuring a physically competent child at the end of Gr. R. and a MatchReady child at the end of Foundation phase.

My aim is to:

  1. Inform you of age appropriate physical milestones
  2. Equip you to practically implement this knowledge with your child
  3. Guide you with weekly ideas, themes and lesson plans to maximize success
  4. Provide a way to measure your child’s progress

You’ll love spending this time together, creating healthy habits and memories to last a lifetime! Plus, you’ll set up your child to be physically competent and give them a head start in selecting their sport of choice when the time comes.

Let’s kick-off!

What makes us Different

Coaching Code


Qualified coaches


Child-centered teaching but sport specific coaching (LTPD)


Maximum of 10.1 student to coach ratio


School sports as a base for skill development


Results orientated coaching with the aim to develop each student


Age appropriate and stage specific coaching program


Age specific sports equipment

We believe that high performance is built upon, and must co-exist with, recreation and participation. We see a continuum of stages of human and athletic development, not a division between “the best” and “the rest”. 

Sports for Life - Philosophy

Everybody wins!

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